In a world filled with pixels and filters, there exists an art form that transcends the boundaries of time and technology – portrait photography. I enjoy capturing raw emotions, fleeting expressions, and the essence of a person in a single frame. As a passionate advocate of this craft, I've listed a few reasons why portrait photography holds a special place in my heart.

My Mom. 

My mother was the keeper of our family pictures. She had every album, every picture and every snapshot of not only our immediate family, but generations of other family members. Whenever anyone would visit her, they would always want to sit and look at the "albums." Somewhat reluctant, my mom would always let them. They were a prize possession and she would stealthily hover over them to ensure that none of her pictures grew legs. :)

Embracing Individuality.

Portrait photography allows me to explore the unique narrative of every person I photograph. It celebrates the diversity of human experiences, capturing the quirks, scars, and smiles that make us who we are. It's telling each person's story with a variety of images.

Preserving Moments.

Portraits freeze moments in our lives and transforms them into memories worth protecting. Whether it's the wonder in a child's eye, the wrinkled hands of an elderly person, or the uncontrollable laughter shared between friends -- once captured, these moments become timeless. The ability to preserve not just faces, but the emotions and stories behind them, moves me.

Expressing Creativity.

Portrait photography allows for boundless creativity. From experimenting with different lighting techniques to playing with compositions and colors, every photo session is an opportunity to explore and express my artistic vision. 

Building Connections.

I love the connections and rapport I'm able to build with my clients during their sessions. It's not just about clicking a button; it's about making them feel comfortable with me, and in front of the lens, so they have no problem revealing their true selves. Compassion and understanding are key foundations in establishing trust and genuine relationships.

Empowering Others.

I enjoy showing individuals how beautiful they are, and help to instill confidence and self-love. I'm not just capturing their physical features; My focus is to reveal the inner strength and resilience that often go unnoticed. 

In a world filled with quick moments and short recollections, portrait photography allows me to capture the celebration of life. It's not just my profession, it's a passion that enriches my life and teaches me to appreciate the beauty in every individual and every moment. For this, I owe my mother everything.