Putting your model at ease ...

As there are people who love being in front of camera, there are just as many who don’t. Getting your client comfortable in front of the camera takes a little finesse, humor and understanding. If you know your subject that’s the first battle in making them feel comfortable in front of a camera and help them forget that you’re there.

My recent client loves selfies and has an Instagram wall to prove it! However, in the beginning of a recent shoot, she was uncomfortable. But with a little customer focus, she started to relax. Knowing her personality helped a great deal.

Our camaraderie was easy and we were able to laugh and joke, which put her at ease and made the shoot a good one. With this session and all my shoots, there are three things I try and do to make each session go well:

  1. Communicate - Tell them what to expect from the shoot. More importantly, ask them what their expectations are and look for their feedback. If there’s anything they’re not comfortable doing, it should be discussed.

  2. Establish trust - People usually have a hard time in front of the camera because they don’t have control. Selfies give people control over the content and it can be easily deleted when they don’t like what they see. With a photographer, they can’t take the camera and start deleting, which is why it’s important to let your client know what you’re looking for, what you will and won’t do and what won’t happen without their say so. It’s also important to let them see a few photos, not enough to slow the shoot down, but enough to let them see that they’re doing a great job.

  3. Establish expectations - Although the client will choose the photos they like, the professionalism of the work as to be intact. If it’s not flattering or the exposure isn’t right or the pose is stilted, it shouldn’t be used. After all, your name is on your work.

My recent shoot was great and after a few pictures, the client chose pictures that both of us could live with! My favorite is shown here.

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