Boudoir Photography

With boudoir, every woman can flex their muscles--even celebrities.

Instagram photo —Katie Holmes’ feed

Instagram photo —Katie Holmes’ feed

I came across an article in my Google feed that wowed and delighted me. An article in Cafe Mom featured a few of Katie Holmes’ black & white boudoir photos shared on Instagram that illustrated her having fun, enjoying life and being comfortable in her skin. While the pictures don’t show all the boudoir shots she may have taken, or project a typical boudoir shoot, the ones shared with the public were nonetheless inspiring and refreshing. While I’ve never followed her career, I can see that Katie Holmes has blossomed into an independent woman who is a mother and more importantly, a woman in control of her life. Her pictures show that. She’s playful, sexy and sure of who she is and what makes her happy. Yeah, boudoir tends to bring that out of you. It’s uplifting, fulfilling and hella, fun. Kudos to you, Katie Holmes! DO YOU.

Boudoir photography is trending now (Article reprint)

Interesting article on boudoir photography. It highlights what I, and probably most boudoir photographers believe in —body positivity.