Bring nothing but a smile to your boudoir session

What do I bring to my boudoir session?  That’s a good question and usually it’s one of the first clients ask.  I always start out by telling them to bring your openness, toss in a little courage and don’t forget to pack your smile. 


Lofi/Neo-Soul Rap artist, AudaRaquel, redefines savage and pursues dream

Lofi/Neo-Soul Rap artist AudaRaquel has dreams, goals and ambitions.  And she’s going places.  This talented artist is familiar with modeling and all creative forms of art.  However, she wanted to expand her horizons and do something outside her comfort zone.  So, she chose to do a boudoir shoot with GlimpsePhotographyNJ.


With boudoir, every woman can flex their muscles--even celebrities.

Instagram photo —Katie Holmes’ feed

Instagram photo —Katie Holmes’ feed

I came across an article in my Google feed that wowed and delighted me. An article in Cafe Mom featured a few of Katie Holmes’ black & white boudoir photos shared on Instagram that illustrated her having fun, enjoying life and being comfortable in her skin. While the pictures don’t show all the boudoir shots she may have taken, or project a typical boudoir shoot, the ones shared with the public were nonetheless inspiring and refreshing. While I’ve never followed her career, I can see that Katie Holmes has blossomed into an independent woman who is a mother and more importantly, a woman in control of her life. Her pictures show that. She’s playful, sexy and sure of who she is and what makes her happy. Yeah, boudoir tends to bring that out of you. It’s uplifting, fulfilling and hella, fun. Kudos to you, Katie Holmes! DO YOU.


Boudoir photography is trending now (Article reprint)

Interesting article on boudoir photography. It highlights what I, and probably most boudoir photographers believe in —body positivity.



Run (not walk) away from all the excuses

When I ask women what’s keep them from doing a boudoir shoot, the following responses usually surface. (Drumroll please):

1)      I’m not a size zero

2)      I just need to lose a few more pounds

3)      I don’t like the way I look right now.

4)      I’m not a size zero

5)      I just need to lose a few more pounds

6)      I don’t like the way I look right now.

See a pattern here?  After a while, you either have to stop listening to the same excuses or get creative.

One of the reasons I became a boudoir photographer was to help shatter the type of negative philosophies that we as women have about our bodies, the types that keep us from truly loving and being ourselves.  

We’ve all heard the old adage that “we’re our own worst enemy”, right? This way of thinking—the belaboring over our body types and sizes--tends to wreak havoc in many areas of our lives—more often than we care to admit—and it keeps us from doing what we REALLY want to do. Ridding ourselves of that way of thinking will liberate us. Set us free. Be the force that allows us to truly discover the power of sexy.

So, let’s pause.  Take a breath. And now look this situation straight in the eye.

1.      If you’re size zero, rejoice. If you’re a size 24, rejoice. You’re breathing and no matter what size you happen to be, you’re worthy of love and praise.    I had a client who said about posing for her shoot, “these pictures are for me.  I don’t give a s*** who doesn’t like them. I’m not taking them for them.”  She’s right. So what if you have an inch too many around the waist? And while we’re at it. Answer this.  What’s too many by whose standards?  Top Model? Hollywood? Broadway?  While they’ve improved somewhat in portraying plus-size and curvy women as sexy human beings, these industries should not be the ruler by which we measure our beauty. Sorry, not buying it. If there are areas you like to tone down or camouflage in your shoot, it’s totally understandable. And guess what? That’s the job of the photographer to help you achieve those goals.

2.      So what if you have a few pounds?  Does that mean you love yourself any less? Girl, a few more pounds, just means there’s more to love. With the right outfit, the pounds can be taken care of as well.  Body suits are wonderfully flattering for showing those extra pounds who is boss. 

3.      If you’re not happy with the way you look right now, get that confidence and self-esteem flowing again.  No matter where you are in your life, what phase you’re in, you should never stop loving yourself. You should never stop believing in yourself. One way to feel alive again? Boudoir.

Boudoir is about indulgence, self-expression and self-love. It’s the mirror, which reflects the sexy you. Don’t let excuses and insecurities keep you from admiring the person you’re sure to see when you look at your boudoir photos—a vibrant, beautiful and unique woman.

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