People are amazing. For all our faults and virtues, we are truly fascinating. We love to the bitter end, feel the most awful pain and then kick its butt, act silly and show strength, flex our muscles in the gym, defend those who can’t defend themselves, compete in a mean five-mile run, cook a gourmet meal that slays, volunteer in our neighborhoods, coach little league soccer, and will declare, without hesitation, we deserve the best—and that includes the best Instagram profile picture! Guess they call it STARPOWER. Yep, that’s right.



Although it’s hard to admit aloud, most of us want to feel like a star. We wonder what it would be like to govern at the head of a boardroom conference table, dance on a stage, act in a play, get a small part in an upcoming movie, paint a masterpiece, write a bestselling novel, make the winning shot from center court, hit the winning home run, smile behind the wheel of a brand new car or walk through the door with the toy your kid wanted most. Many of us imagine ourselves in front of a camera, but are hesitant to do so. UNTIL. Until you pose, until the music makes you vogue, until the proofs come back and you see yourself as the world sees you— a star.



The Philosophy: I LOVE ME Boudoir celebrates self-love, appreciation and indulgence and everyone, no matter who they are, is deserving of all three.

The Goal: With an intimate photographic experience, reveal the innate sensuality that complements each client's vibrancy, beauty and uniqueness.

The Hope: Is that my clients leave their session with excitement, increased confidence and thoroughly convinced that they were worth every penny.