Head shots & Portraits

Q - How often should you get a professional head shot/portrait done?

a.Considering appearances (hairstyles, weight loss/gain) may change often, as a rule of thumb, professional head shots should be taken at least every two years.

Q - Why do I need a professional head shot? I can take a selfie.

a. True. You can take a selfie. In the beginning of your career, an acting or modeling agency may not require professional pictures. However, at some point, they will require that you get professional photos and/or portfolio. Business professionals want to look approachable to attract job prospects and draw clients. Professional photographers are able to capture nuances of individual personalities that just can’t be captured with a selfie.


Q - I’m excited to do a boudoir shoot. But I’m a little apprehensive about my body. What can you do to help me get over that feeling?

a. We understand that you may be apprehensive. A boudoir shoot is an intimate, exciting experience. However, realize this: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! As far helping you get over your hesitancy, it’s our job to make you feel comfortable—at the shoot and with your posing. If there are areas that you’d like to make less noticeable, there are ways to do so. If you have questions about the shoot, give us a call at 732-931-6004. No question is silly. We’re here for you—all the way.

Q - What should I wear to a boudoir shoot?

a. This is one of our favorite questions! Bodysuits are always great to wear. They shape and smooth the figure and look great in photos. For inspiration on what to wear on your boudoir shoot, visit our Pinterest page.

Q - Should I tan before a boudoir shoot?

a. It’s not recommended to tan or use a tanning salon or products prior to your boudoir shoot. Doing so can turn the skin an orange color and will not look flattering in your pictures. No amount of editing will rectify this.


For great senior pictures, here’s a tip to finding the best photographer for you.
1. Find your photography style.

At such a busy time in your life, it’s easy to choose a photographer based on what a BFF or classmate recommends. But your senior portrait is about YOU! So find a photographer whose style suits you. To do this, review and research a variety of portfolios and images to determine what you like – and what you don’t. While someone parasailing or taking a reflective walk through the woods may make a great photo, would you want that to be YOUR image? Does that tell YOUR story? As you peruse images, don’t stop until you find something that speaks to you. — Professional Photographers Association

H.S. Seniors, what’s your photo style? Take the quiz and let us capture the real you!

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