Some headshot or portrait photographers don’t mind having their pictures taken. Guess what? I’m not one of them.  As I matter of fact, I hate having my picture taken.  I never enjoyed it because I didn’t think I was photogenic.  The camera didn’t love me. Please, it didn’t even like me or barely tolerated me—unless I was holding it in my hands, then it is true love! I always felt and still feel more comfortable behind the lens. That’s where I like to be.


However, one day, I had a full-blown, oh-hell-no, meltdown. I had to take a headshot photo for my bio. Like what? Are you kidding me? I’m the photographer, I don’t NEED a picture on my bio. They’ll see me in person.

As you might have guessed, I wasn’t a happy camper and fought the idea tooth and nail. I made up all kinds of excuses.  My hair wasn’t right.  I didn’t like the top I had on.  I’ve gained weight.

And then I got over myself -- fast.  I needed this headshot and I wasn’t going to let my stupidity and fear get in the way of my business. So, I reached out to my photographer friend and the call made their day. (They’d been trying to get me to pose for years!) My friend is one of the best portrait photographers around. I knew he was going to work his knowledge and make me comfortable as we did the shoot. I knew that I was in good hands.


I was also happy that I had been smart enough to follow the advice I tell anyone who goes to have a professional portrait/headshot done.

  • Don’t try out new products (within 3 days) of your shoot. This includes shampoos, foundations, lotions, creams, aftershaves — any product that could possibly cause an allergic reaction.
  • Get plenty of rest before your shoot.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol. It can add fluid and make you look puffy.
  • Don’t pick your face. Picking it may cause redness and irritation, which equates to more work for the photographer.

Following those few tips and letting my friend do his job, by using flattering lighting and poses, I realized that the experience wasn't as hideous as I thought it would be. I also realized that I made a big deal about nothing.  I had a head shot photographer who knew his stuff and made me look like me, with patience, direction and his photographic knowledge. 

That’s huge for a headshot and boudoir photographer who hates having her picture taken.