Many years ago, I had this internal artistic battle. What do I love more, writing or photography? Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Why should I have to choose between my two loves? As it turns out, I don’t because at the end of the day, both writing and photography resulted in what I love doing most —creating something that’s beautiful and makes people feel good.

I’ve been in love with photography for more than 30 years. Yes, 30 years! I shot EVERYTHING and carried my camera just about everywhere. It was an extension of my arm. (and still is… Growing up, my children used to groan when they saw me coming toward them with the camera. Arms and hands hiding their faces, I begged them to pose in the park, on the swings, in the parking lot—any and everywhere—and most of the time begrudgingly! I still have my first Canon 35 millimeter camera, complete with film and filters. And there’s no way I’m selling it!


I had the same passion for writing. I wrote for many years in the corporate world, writing stories about everyday, hardworking employees, their lives, hobbies and business work ethic. At home, I focused on my romance writing, creating heroes and heroines that I wanted everyone to know and love. I finished my first romance novel about 10 years ago and began working on a trilogy. As an avid reader, I bought and read all my favorite authors books and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading.

And as my two favorite things consumed me, one thing was perfectly clear. I loved telling stories about people. So, when I opened my photography studio, one of my good friends said to me, ‘you’re a storyteller on paper and behind the lens.” Her words meant so much and rang so true. They confirmed that I’d made the right choice.

As it turns out, I’m doing what I love. I’m telling visual stories of everyday heroes and heroines through portraits and boudoir. And there’s nothing better!