Lofi/Neo-Soul Rap artist AudaRaquel has dreams, goals and ambitions.  And she’s going places.  This talented artist is familiar with modeling and all creative forms of art.  However, she wanted to expand her horizons and do something outside her comfort zone.  So, she chose to do a boudoir photo shoot with GlimpsePhotographyNJ.

Mission accomplished.


Just after her boudoir shoot--and months away from dropping her new album, “Savage Redefined”, -- she opted to use one of the pictures to market her new album, deciding that it worked well with her theme and captured the mood of the overall album. 

“Redefining what it means to be a savage, as someone who builds, prospers and loves instead of destroys and self-destructs,” she explained.

AudaRaquel’s story is like that of many other artistic, creative individuals.   It may even be like your story. She’s about getting hers and succeeding.

One thing is certain.  We’re proud to know her and to be a part of her journey.  We wish her all the success she’s due.

By the way, her album is serious! Check it out on Savage Redefined Album and Instagram.