Family photography is one of my favorite types of photography. I get the chance to understand the dynamics of each family and capture their unique relationships. This helps me create portraits and artwork that tells their story.  

Even before picking up my camera, I get to know the family by setting up an in-person meeting. I ask questions, listen to their stories, and observe their interactions. During this time, I also provide suggestions on how to best capture and preserve their cherished moments. 

Understanding each member of the family helps me anticipate moments and capture authentic expressions, especially with children. Knowing a little about the children likes and dislikes helps during the session. 

After meeting with the family members, we select a date and location for the actual session. The environment plays a crucial role because it provides context and adds depth to the images. The family may prefer a park setting, the beach or the comfort of their home. With any location, I use the scenery to frame the family and enhance the narrative of the photos. 

I also make sure to create a comfortable and relaxed environment during the photo session. It’s crucial to make families feel at ease and encourage them to be themselves and have fun. Cracking jokes or playing music during their session, is a great way to create a natural and enjoyable experience. I love capturing candid moments between siblings, an embrace between parents or interaction with grandparents. 

Ultimately, my mission as their family photographer is to tell their story through my images. Understanding the family’s dynamics and providing a comfortable environment, leads to capturing genuine moments and great storytelling.

Meaningful and authentic images then become beautiful artwork that the family will enjoy and love for generations to come.