For the most part, breakups and divorce are not enjoyable events in a woman’s life.  If fact, they can be absolutely devastating, debilitating and dark.  More often than not, breakups and divorces make us question our sexuality. 

Questions such as, “Was I not sexy enough?”, “What didn’t my partner like about me?” and the all-defeating, “What’s wrong with me?” beat us down with self-recrimination and disillusionment.

During this time, things can get crazy and you may find yourself doing things you would never do when you were “happy”—anything to fill the void, feel better or confirm your sexuality. Unfortunately, some things we choose to do may be detrimental.

Be smart when rebuilding self esteem

Rediscovering who you are during this period is tough, trust me I know. And empowerment is hard to feel or find. But it can be done.  One plan of attack is to do a boudoir shoot

It’s revenge at its best!

Revenge in the sense that you’re taking back your life. Revenge in the sense of knowing your sexuality and desirably hasn’t diminished, been lost forever and is intact--still. Revenge in the sense of reminding yourself that the “ex” blew it big time when they let you get away.

Take your life back on your terms

One of my clients, who I love so much, said doing her boudoir shoot was more for her than her ex.  But it didn’t start out that way! She confessed at first she was going to send copies of her boudoir pictures to show him what he was never going to touch again! Then she decided that he wasn’t worth the effort and that she was going to use her boudoir pictures as a reminder of how fabulous she was.

Boudoir during crappy times

She emailed me months after her shoot to thank me and told me, “Whenever she felt down about her life, the divorce or when she became apprehensive about getting back into dating,” she looked through her boudoir album.  It gave her instant courage and affirmation. She said, “Her boudoir shoot was the best thing in such a crappy time.”

Boudoir was her sweet revenge and her saving grace.