Each of us has insecurities and unfortunately, they have a tendency of keeping us from reaching our full potential. However, acknowledging our insecurities and taking steps to overcome them can be life-changing.  Can you be beautiful, brainy and sexy and still have insecurities?

Absolutely. Just ask, model Brianna Ali.

When she isn’t modeling, Brianna is pursuing her degree in psychology at Rutgers University in New Jersey and spreading creativity and positivity.  “I want to put myself in positions where I can bolster and empower people from all walks of life through my various crafts and influences,” she shared. 

Ali believes that everyone has something to offer the world, no matter where they are in their life. “Society today does not always fully allow people to make their contributions,” she explained. “I want to use my outlets to help people break these barriers and succeed in anything they put their minds to doing.”

For all the amazing things she has going on in her life, the soon-to-be graduate (May, 2020) shared that she had fears that she believed were holding her back. She realized that she needed to help herself before she could help others.


So, she chose to do a boudoir shoot to boost her self-confidence and truly tap into who she is as person. “I can’t help people free themselves from their inhibitions as they journey toward empowerment, if I didn’t do the same for myself,” Ali pointed out. “Choosing to do a boudoir shoot, solidified my beliefs about who I am and gave me more confidence to help others.”

Brianna’s epiphany happened during her shoot. “It may sound cliché, but doing a boudoir shoot makes you love the skin you’re in,” she said. “I walked away standing even firmer in knowing the value of my self-worth.”

When asked what she wants other women to know about having a boudoir session, Brianna’s response was definitive and inspiring.

“During the shoot, you go through a beautiful, transformative process of recognizing your body as the truly amazing, and gracefully, designed art that it is. It is this recognition that gives you the most rewarding feeling! It makes you want to bask in its glory and literally take pictures all day.”

Awesome idea, Brianna!

To see Brianna’s work visit her at https://www.modelmayhem.com/BriAli or on Instagram @brianna.k.ali. She can be reached via e-mail: briannaali143@gmail.com.