What do I bring to my boudoir session? 

That’s a good question and usually it’s one of the first clients ask.  I always start out by telling them to bring your openness, toss in a little courage and don’t forget to pack your smile. 

Boudoir photography is about attitude.  Although it’s an intimate and yes, intimidating experience you’re about to embark upon, keep in mind why you’re doing a photo shoot.  If you’re doing a boudoir shoot ONLY because someone suggested it or because someone wanted you to, you may want to rethink your decision.  Boudoir is about empowering and celebrating you.  Not your girlfriend, not your fiancé, not even your husband – YOU.

If you already know this, then all you need to remember is that you’re 1) beautiful 2) courageous 3) in need of celebrating who you are and 4) you’re walking out of that studio a BAD ASS or a SUPER BAD ASS (for the ladies who already know how awesome they are). For those of us who need a little reminder, keep those four things front and center, and you’ll be just fine!

Regarding outfits, our shoots (if you didn’t select makeup portion of the session) are 2 hours, which is enough time for 3 to 4 looks or outfit changes.  I recommend bringing what’s comfortable along with outfits that are “kind of” sexy, “super” sexy and finally, “OMG” sexy.  For instance, if you have a cute t-shirt that moves well—bring it.  If you have lingerie, that you’ve been dying to wear—bring it!

You can never bring enough, so plan to bring about 4 to 5 outfits.  This way, if one outfit doesn’t work or isn’t flattering your body, you can change.    My number one recommendation is to bring a bodysuit.  There are so many beautiful bodysuits available you can’t go wrong! You’ll find a few of my recommendations on Pinterest listed under boudoir basics.  

Boudoir is an empowering, indulgent, all-encompassing experience.  When you arrive at your session with a good attitude and a few cute and/or to-scream-for outfits, you will discover the power of sexy—a feeling that will boost your confidence and put a little more swerve in your step.