A good host always ensures the comfort and happiness of their guests.  After all, if I invite someone to my home, it’s my obligation to extend certain practices of entertaining.  

When I'm with a client, creating a boudoir experience that they'll love, that's my second home, where I’m equally committed to entertaining. Although clients are paying for my services, it’s my belief that they’re still my guests. Therefore, I have an obligation to attack them and their five senses!  These “attacks” allow clients to relax, be confident and focus on the experience around them and not so much on my camera lens. 


During boudoir and portrait shoots, I love having my diffuser filled with Young Living oils. Each oil has a different effect and benefit.  Lavender and Ylang Ylang are my go to favorites for boudoir shoots.  They set off a romantic, calming aroma. Ylang Ylang is also a key ingredient in many luxury skin and hair products, which makes it so effective in my shoots. Lemongrass is my favorite for portraits and headshots, particularly for clients who come in later in the day.  Lemongrass is rejuvenating and a natural pick me up.

Sound is crucial, which is why I have a playlist of music specific to each shoot. There is a playlist for portraits, couples shoots and even corporate headshots. During boudoir photography shoots, I make sure songs from my client’s favorites groups or music is incorporated.

The sense of sight is next and décor is important.  Since my studio is used for both head shot and boudoir photography, it is decorated in neutral colors.  However, there is a touch of color in the artwork and tapestry.  For boudoir, it’s important that the space be transformed into a comfortable, visually appealing environment that allows me to get the best photos possible.

My next attack is on the sense of taste, which requires candy or “snackage” as I like to call it! Therefore, I make sure to have an assortment of chocolates available, as well as strawberry licorice. (I love licorice!) 

The final sense of touch is equally as important.  For boudoir photography, it’s important to have soft blankets, spreads and pillows that surround my clients in comfort and familiarity to bring in a touch of home.

Getting the best shots is key to providing quality service to my clients.  However, ensuring my clients’ comfort and happiness is key to getting the best shots. Let the attacks begin!